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Barclay Offering 15 Month No Interest!
Looking to buy a Biomodulator and Transducer to help manage your pain? Simply apply for a Barclay Card and get 15 months interest free and you will be on your way to a pain-free, healthy life.

Dentists Develop Pain-Free Electrical Filling That Allows Natural Repair of Teeth
Dr. Tennant works closely with dentists to incorporate the Biomodulator and Transducer for natural healing of the teeth and gums. Using a combination of Raw Materials, Bentonite Clay and Birch Oil in paste around the teeth and gums then beaming the Biotransducer in Ten-8 mode on highest power 5-10 minutes for several sessions, has shown amazing results in natural teeth healing. Further research around the world is providing evidence that increasing voltage helps the body repair itself. Click here to read more.

Electro-Sensitivity (ES) - A New Medical Condition On The Rise and Often Misdiagnosed
People of all ages may experience symptoms when exposed to electro-magnetic radiation, especially the microwave radiation emitted by mobile phones, WiFi signals, wireless-connections, iPads/tablets. laptops, iPods, as well as all Blue-tooth devices, Smart meters and cell tower antennas. The primary symptoms: tingling in the hands, tinnitus, insomnia, vertigo and cardiac effects: arrhythmia and tachycardia. There is also evidence of cognitive impairment.

Possible ES Treatments include a good EMF Environmental Stabilizer, such as Total Shield; drink pure water from quality alkaline water purification systems, such as pH Prescription; and regular energy therapies from acupuncture, chiropractic and Tennant Biomodulator treatments. Visit for information.

Mark Starr, MD, 21st Century Pain & Sports Medicine, Shares His Own Miraculous Story of Healing Using the Tennant Biomodulator and Transducer
Dr. Starr had a accident 2011 while trying to light his barbecue pit. The propane gas caught fire. He suffered third-degree burns to his right thumb. See how Dr. Starr saved his thumb using the Tennant Biomodulator® and Transducer.
Events & Training
Advanced Training Program (Master Class) - November 14-15, 2014, Grapevine, Texas
Jerry Tennant MD, MDH, PscD with over 30 years of practice in medicine, research and teaching offers this advanced session for those who have completed a previous Integrative Health Conference& Biomodulator Training or previous Classroom Training Program for Tennant Biomodulator®. He continues the discussion of the new paradigm of medicine and the benefits of the TennantBiomodulator®, Tennant Biotransducer® and related Healing is Voltage principles for better health. This class brings in more of Dr. Tennant’s research and clinical experience which he shares in interactive dialogue incorporating participant health history examples and case studies. Pre-study is required as preparation for the class.
Integrative Health Conference & Biomodulator Training Program - December 4-6, 2014, Grapevine, Texas
The Integrative Health Conference & Biomodulator Training is a 3 day training that begins Thursday evening with a 2-hour keynote presentation that introduces participants to Healing is Voltage, as well as, explains how the body works, why chronic disease occurs and how to use Dr. Tennant's teachings and technology to have better health. This keynote is open to the public. We encourage conference participants to bring colleagues, staff, family and friends. Training is held on Friday and Saturday for registered participants as Dr. Tennant delves into more detail about the importance of adequate voltage in wellness. He also teaches the use of the Tennant Biomodulator®.



Watch Dr. Tennant's Healing Quest Television interview about his personal health journey and extensive research of energy medicine that ultimately led to his recovery and the development of the Tennant Biomodulator® devices.

Dr. Tennant joins fellow peace and health visionaries, such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Andrew Weil, Joan Borysenko and Dr. Oz, as an expert in integrative medicine that includes mind, body and spiritual healing.


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